With the Samsung Galaxy S7 lineup unveiled earlier this year, tech aficionados are now looking forward to the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Naturally so, talks and whispers surrounding what the Note 6 device would bring have been doing the rounds.

The Galaxy Note 5 availability was restricted to Asia and US, which disappointed many fans across the globe. Samsung loyalists held on to the hope that the company would launch the offering at a later date, but we are well into 2016 and it became clear that the Note 5 won’t be arriving in Europe, UK and other regions. However, in what can only be good news for fans, report on Know Your Mobile hints at a global launch of the upcoming Note 6. And if the rumours are anything to go by, it does sound like a device to watch out for.

According to report on Sam Mobile, “Samsung is working on a brand new 1/1.7-inch CMOS camera sensor with an aperture as wide as ƒ/1.4. The new sensor could have a resolution of anywhere between 18-24 megapixels.” But as many may have guessed, it would be impossible to fit such a camera module within the chassis of the upcoming Samsung device. But, this directly indicates at the “aggressive roadmap” that the tech giant has in place in order to reach said specs for the smartphones of the future.

The smartphone giant has also announced that it won’t be releasing any new cameras in its NX range, in most of the markets. Reportedly, the tech company has already been moving people from the NX department onto the smartphones. This clearly signifies that the company is focusing on delivering cut-throught camera features on its smartphones, making it very interesting to see what the Galaxy Note 6 will have to offer.

Keep watching this space for more updates, rumours and speculations about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.