It has long been rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be launched ahead of the next iPhone. But has the South Korean tech company decided to take things a step further? Will they really launch the Galaxy Note 6 on the same date as the iPhone 7 Pro?

Forbes does not seem to think so. “The key to the strategy is the launch date of the new phablet,” Forbes argued. However, the business magazine still thinks the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will pose a challenge to Apple’s next iPhone line.

Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. “That early push into the retail market,” Forbes explained, “has brought a significant volume of sales into the first quarter period…Estimates of the year on year sales comparing the S7 family to the S6 show notable gains.” Meanwhile, their major competitor, Samsung, has been “struggling to maintain momentum in the press.”

Forbes thinks Samsung has learned a lot from the success that the company gained from the S7 launch. The tech giant, the business news site speculates, will probably use these lessons for the Galaxy Note 6 launch later this year. “There’s every chance that Samsung will pull off the same success in the third calendar quarter of 2016,” Forbes predicts. “Samsung’s launch strategy…[would allow] the South Korean handsets to get the jump on Apple’s iPhone SE in sales, mind share, and positioning.”

When will the Galaxy Note 6 be available? It was earlier reported that it will go on sale on August 15. If proven true, Samsung will have “four weeks of retail sales, reviews, and articles” ahead of Apple’s next offering.

Meanwhile, Techno Buffalo said the Galaxy Note 6 will feature an “exciting new S Pen.” It will reportedly let you scribble notes even when the phone’s screen is locked.