The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might just be released sooner than you think. This, a mobile reporter earlier suggested. Just how soon would the launch be?

According to Android Authority, reporter Evan Blass claims that the Note 6 will be available on sale by mid-August. This has yet to be confirmed by the South Korean company. But it could be true since Samsung did release the Note 5 around the same time last year.

“Samsung Galaxy Note 6 US release scheduled for week of August 15th,” Blass wrote on Twitter. Android Authority pointed out that the tech giant has been “consistent in releasing its new flagships on schedule.” Samsung launched Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ on August 13 last year in New York. Will the company do the same with the Galaxy Note 6?

If Blass is right, the Note 6 will be launched ahead of the iPhone, which is set for a fall release. Android Authority thinks this would give the Note 6 “room to shine.” Does the Note 6 really need that time advantage? Know Your Mobile does not really seem to think so. The tech blog recently came up with a list of six reasons why consumers need to be excited for the Note 6. “This thing is going to be a monster,” Know Your Mobile said. “The likes of which [has] never before seen in the mobile space.”

What could Know Your Mobile mean by that? Users might have to wait for Samsung’s official launch to find out. As Android Authority pointed out, “the device is still largely shrouded in mystery.” However, some of the phone’s specs have already been speculated on. Note 6 is rumoured to have “a similar design to the Galaxy S7.” There has also been talk that it could feature “CPU technology, top of the line connectivity and 6GB of RAM.”