Currently, Samsung offers two best smartphones for its customers –Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Both devices have enough distinctions and similarities that keep people on separate upgrade paths.

So what makes people buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 over Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was launched in August of 2015 while new report suggests that the Note 6 is in the line, and may appear as early as July. So what Samsung Note 5 offers for its users? Here are a few reasons.

S Pen: Users who like S Pen and see themselves performing some of these S Pen tricks, the Note 5 could be the one for you, notes ZDNet.

Defined edges: The Note 5 has wider edges than the S7 Edge handset, but it has very small side bezels, which makes easier to hold in one hand. On the contrary, the Galaxy S7 Edge has curved edges that make inadvertent finger activation a common occurrence.

Fast integrated storage: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge offers storage capacity expansion with a microSD card which is probably a compelling argument for it.

So what makes people buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge over Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

Water resistance: In the fast-paced world, carrying a waterproof case anytime, anywhere would be very inconvenient. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge offers you water resistance feature that would give a peace of mind whenever you travel in rain.

Bigger battery: The S7 Edge has a battery of 600 mAh which is larger than the one in the Note 5. When it comes to duration, Galaxy Note 5 can last for a day but the former offers longer running time.

Inexpensive expandable storage: Adding more storage space from good quality microSD card to your phone would avert the card read/ write failures. It would be wiser to have external storage instead of buying the high price of internal storage.

Improved low light camera: The S7 Edge has a lower megapixel camera, but it take better indoor and low light shots due to its dual-pixel camera. However, both devices have excellent cameras.

Always-on display: The Galaxy S7 Edge has the new feature similar to Lumia devices that shows information on the display when the screen is off, cites CNET.

After putting these points together, most of the customers would throng into shops to buy the Galaxy S7 Edge. The S Pen feature surely is a good thing but most of the people would unlikely use it, so Galaxy S7 Edge would get the maximum votes.