Apple and its devices like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S are regarded as desirable phones. Moreover, other smartphone makers look up to iPhone and the design of their flagship devices. Similarly, Samsung, which is said to be the archrival of Apple, has released a new smartphone named Galaxy C5 in China. Its design is similar to Apple’s device.

Samsung Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7 have a slim design and carry several similar features of the iPhone. However, it seems that fans will have to wait for a little longer before they reach Australia.

Galaxy C7 is pricier than Galaxy C5, but both devices have a fingerprint sensor. They have a metal shell with antenna bands, along with a camera module located centrally. If this wasn’t enough, the South Korean company also unleashed color finishes generally seen in Apple products. These include gold and rose colors, notes

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However, the Samsung models are sold almost half the price of their Apple equivalent. Galaxy C5 with 64GB storage would cost around $500, whereas the iPhone 6 with 64GB is priced at around $1079.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy C7 will cost around $A590, When compared to its Apple counterpart, it costs almost double. The iPhone 6S will cost around $1,229. Business Insider UK notes that both models would also include 64 GB storage.

Currently, Samsung C5 and C7 are available only in China. It is expected that the company would plan to launch the product to wider markets. To corroborate this, the United States FCC has recently certified the Galaxy C5. This means both devices would soon hit US stores.

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Presently, the Chinese market is dominated by Xiaomi, Huawei and Apple. It seems that Samsung is about to bring change in the market.