Same-Sex Marriage Australia: Majority in Favor

same-sex marriage

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull‘s Coalition government still seems to want to stick to its plebiscite plans even when a new survey has already shown the majority of Australians support same-sex marriage.

Reports have indicated that Australians want the politicians to discuss the issue and take a proper decision through parliamentary voting. The Australian’s Newspoll published on Wednesday has shown that almost 48 percent were in favor of politicians voting for the issue while 39 percent wanted a national vote on it. There was a total of 1600 respondents used for the survey, among which 13 percent were still undecided of what they should opt for.

Earlier in 2016, it was observed that around 70 percent of Australians favored the Coalition-backed plebiscite but the scenario has changed now. The latest poll revealed that if the plebiscite will be delayed until February 11, 2017, the percentage of Aussies supporting the same-sex marriage will clearly increase to 62.

Cabinet Minister Josh Frydenberg said that the federal government had an election mandate for the plebiscite as it believes such would be the best way to make marriage equality legal.

Turnbull said earlier this week that he believed that the plebiscite could be a faster way of legalizing marriage equality. “We’ve set out a plan. I just say to Bill Shorten and the Labor Party and in fact to everyone that wants to see same-sex couples being able to marry, if Labor supports the plebiscite it will be held on the 11th of February. I believe it will be carried. I certainly will be voting yes,” the prime minister claimed as quoted by 9News.

On the other hand, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said that the plebiscite idea will turn out to be a financial blunder. “It will be compulsory for 15 million people to vote on same-sex marriage, to vote on marriage equality. It will be compulsory for them to vote. If they don’t vote, they will be fined. But it’s not compulsory upon Liberal Party MPs to accept the result. That is a sick joke,” he said while defending his point with valid reasons.

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