Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations, met an unfortunate start as her motorcade hit and killed a young boy on Monday. Power is in Cameroon to meet the people displaced due to the Boko Haram attacks in West Africa.

Power, along with her aides and a team of journalists, was on their way to the refugee camps when the boy suddenly rushed onto the road. The incident took place in the small town of Mokolo, in northern Cameroon.

“We all here are grieving with the family of that young boy who was killed by the vehicle in the convoy,” the NBC News quoted State Department spokesman John Kirby as saying. “We all share in the grief and the sorrow that resulted from this tragic, just terrible, terrible accident.”

Power was also scheduled to meet Cameroonian officials to discuss the growing threat by the terror organisation Boko Haram in the region. According to a UNICEF report, about 1.3 million children were displaced as a result of the violence perpetrated by Boko Haram. The area where the incident occurred is one of the regions that was subjected to recent attacks.

Samantha Power said that she felt great sorrow when she came to know about the incident. She said that that she also met with the boy’s family to “offer our profound condolences and our grief and heartbreak.” The Guardian reported that Power visited the scene of the accident several hours later to meet the boy’s parents.

The cars in the convoy were moving fast, sometimes exceeding 60 mph along the two-lane highway. But when the boy suddenly appeared before the sixth car in the convoy, the driver hardly had time to react. The driver of the car was a Cameroonian.

The car momentarily stopped after it hit the boy, but it was ordered by the US security forces to continue travelling as the area was unsecured. However, an ambulance in the US caravan was immediately sent to attend to the boy.