Salmonella Poisoning in Langham Almost Kills Baby; Cases Reach 23

The number of Salmonella victims in Victoria have grown to alarming numbers. According to reports, 23 people are confirmed to have contracted the disease from a luxury Melbourne hotel’s high tea services, including a pregnant woman.

A total of 66 people have confirmed to be ill since The Langham Hotel Salmonella incident on July 11 and 12. From the number, 23 have been diagnosed with Salmonella and 14 were hospitalized, 3AW confirmed.

Among the victims were 29-year-old pregnant woman who almost lost her baby due to the disease.  Over night the woman’s condition deteriorated and had to be rushed to the hospital.

She was forced to deliver her baby five weeks early.

“If I hadn’t gone into hospital on Monday my baby could have been dead by Tuesday,” she told Herald Sun.

The newborn suffered breathing problems and had to receive antibiotic injections while in an oxygen chamber, the site noted.

According to 3AW, “there’s no training required” to handle food services in Victoria, which many see as a reason for the contamination.

“No… and that, for us, is the problem,” Restaurant and Catering Australia CEO John Hart told 3AW Mornings when asked if employees undergo food-handling training.

9News reveals that there were reports that The Langham Hotel failed health inspections in 2014, after mice and cockroaches were found in the hotel’s kitchen.

The hotel, however, denies all allegations and says they have taken safety measures to make sure standards are met.

“We categorically deny the presence of vermin as it is absolutely untrue,” a statement from The Langham Hotel read.

“It is also completely untrue that The Langham has been fined, nor did it fail inspections…”We did change pest control companies as they did not meet our exacting standards.”

Langham managing director Ben Sington has also confirmed that they are working with authorities and making sure the Salmonella victims are given the care they need.
“We are monitoring this situation and the medical conditions of all affected guests very closely,” the Herald Sun quoted.

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