In the aftermath of Ryder Cup 2016, European players are still smarting from their first loss  against Team USA since 2008. The rowdy American golf fans grabbed headlines throughout the tournament, and players like Rory McIlroy and Danny Willett have spoken up about their experience.

“This week, at times, it went a little bit too far,” said McIlroy in an interview shared by The Guardian. He then went on to hint that alcohol consumption may have played a hand at the fans’ rowdy behavior. “When you are teeing off at 7:35 in the morning and you’re seeing people on the first tee with a beer in their hand and matches aren’t finishing until 4:30-5 in the afternoon, I know I would be done at that point. I don’t know what I would be saying,” he added.

McIlroy later clarified that in his opinion, the few people who went out of line did not represent American fans in general. He spoke about the tremendous support that they have received throughout the years while playing in the PGA Tour. He also said that when Europe hosts the Ryder Cup in France in 2018, he would not encourage any retaliation.

“A couple of people out there crossed the line but we’ll take it on the chin,” he said. McIlroy was involved in one of the most controversial incidents over the weekend after a fan shouted in the middle of his back swing. Other fans helped identify the perpetrator, who was immediately ejected.

While McIlroy has taken a magnanimous stance after the loss, his teammate Danny Willett has taken the opposite route. He voiced out his frustrations on Twitter, saying that the American fans should be ashamed.

Of course, with Willett failing to score a single point for his team, his comments have backfired. While he admitted that the rowdy behavior can’t be blamed for his less than stellar performance, some people could not help  but peg him as a sore loser.