Shane Black’s “The Nice Guys” is shaping up great. The 1980s-themed buddy cop comedy is hitting all the right notes ahead of its May 20 release. As part of its promotional campaign, Warner Bros. Pictures has released three viral videos that show Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe attending therapy sessions so that they can bear each other’s presence while promoting their movie.

The two actors already have a great onscreen chemistry as evident from the trailers released. The viral videos take the odd couple chemistry to the next level. While Russell maintains a serious deadpan expression, Gosling is at his hyperactive best and continues to interrupt Crowe while he tries to address his issues. The therapist who already appears starstruck is unable to conduct her sessions due to Gosling and Crowe’s disruptive behaviour.

This is not the first buddy cop movie by Shane Black. He wrote the 1987 super hit buddy cop film, “Lethal Weapon.” In the film, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover both hated working with each other and their heated exchanges and dislike of each other were the comic highlights of the movie. They had to learn to work with each other in the end to bust a drug smuggling racket. In “The Nice Guys,” Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe have to investigate the suicide of a porn star in the 1970s. Gosling even sports a cool retro moustache.

Shane Black’s next movie is the highly anticipated sci-fi project “The Predator” which is an “inventive sequel” to John McTiernan’s “Predator” which spawned many sequels and spin-offs. Arnold Schwarzenegger may return.

Screenrant notes that Warner’s strategy of having the audience get attached to the characters through the viral videos is a clever one. Viral videos are part of the marketing strategy of many Hollywood films today aimed at arousing interest among viewers. Some notable movies that used viral marketing campaign are Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus,” Neill Blomkamp’s “District 9,” Matt Reeves’ “Cloverfield,” J.J. Abrams’ “Super 8,” and Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight.”

The videos can be seen below.