Monday, September 26, 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin Threatens NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin Threatens NATO


Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it clear today that his country will be responding against the recent US move of deploying a ground-based missile defense system in Romania.

Putin threatened NATO during a news conference held in Athens after he met with Greek Prime Minister Aleksis Tsipras. He is in Greece in what is widely viewed as a visit to mend damaged relationship with the European Union.

Putin’s threat to NATO is a stark contrast to Obama’s current visit to Japan wherein the US President was calling for a nuclear free world.

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The Russian President said, “If yesterday in those areas of Romania people simply didn’t know what it means to be in the cross hairs, then today we will be forced to carry out certain measures to ensure our security,” CNN reports.

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Romania and Poland

The US ground-based missile defence system was deployed earlier this month in NATO run system in a Romanian military base at Deveselu, Romania.

A similar anti-missile platform is also being planned to be deployed in Poland.

This system is intended to shield Europe in possible attacks by countries considered as rogue states such as Iran.

NATO Denies Targeting Russia

NATO denies targeting Russia and issued a statement which said that Russia is well aware that the Ballistic Missile Defense system is only defensive and neither designed nor directed against Russia.

NATO called the threat “unjustified” and “irresponsible,” according to CNN.

Putin however is not buying this justification. “NATO fend us off with vague statements that this is no threat to Russia… That the whole project began as a preventive measure against Iran’s nuclear program. Where is that program now? It doesn’t exist,” RT quoted him as saying.

Putin Acting on His Threats

Military analyst Lt. Col. Rick Francona (ret.), speaking on CNN, said that Putin has a track record of acting on his threats that is why NATO and the US will have to take his statement seriously.

But Francona added that he does not think Putin “…wants to get into an armed confrontation with NATO.”

  • JCDavis

    Obama is a neocon operating under the Wolfowitz doctrine, where the goal is the isolation and destruction of Russia and China, and any competitor that challenges American dominance even regionally. Putin has woken up to that reality, and Obama’s relentless pushing to Russian borders is going to spark a war, just as his flyovers in the South China Sea will spark a war. Obama has bombed 7 countries in 7 years, engineered a coup in Ukraine and backed terrorists in Syria. All small stuff, but now he’s getting into WW3 territory. How many countries will follow him into the abyss?

  • Mikronos

    It’s fortunate for Putin that he is only one of the many leaders on earth with whom the USA has a problem. Just what is it that makes a ‘rogue state’ rogue? Not kow-towing to American domination or US business interest? Or would that be a state that feels itself entitled to invade and destroy nations it calls ‘rogue states’?


    Putin alone can handle NATO. EU members of the NATO are very weak they depend on the US support. UK/Germany/ France are the only countries who have some strength but insufficient to fight with Russia.

  • Ok, fair is us again and you lose aircraft. Give Ukraine back and don’t invade sovereign countries or we’ll end you. If any of your fighters are in Syria and get in our way, we will shoot them down. See we can play by the same rules. He’s calling on a whole bag of FU, but Obama is weak as is the UN, Putin knows this so he’s been showboating for years now. Time to put him back in check.