American rapper Azealia Banks has filed a police report against award-winning actor celebrity Russell Crowe on an accusation that he assaulted her.

Banks attended Crowe’s party at his suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel over the weekend as rapper/filmmaker RZA’s plus one. RZA cast Crowe in a film he wrote and directed titled The Man With the Iron Fists.

The commotion reportedly started when Banks made a comment about Russell Crowe‘s party playlist. According to TMZ, the rapper laughed at Crowe’s song choices and called him and his other guests “boring white men”. One female guest tried to step in, but Banks allegedly began threatening Crowe and his guests. Eyewitnesses told the site that the The Big Beat rapper purportedly said, “You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you in the throat.”

This prompted Crowe to grab her in a “bear hug” and escort her out of his suite. The Noah actor then called hotel security, who removed Banks from the hotel.

Banks has a different version of the events though. In a Facebook post, which has since been deleted, the rapper wrote she was insulted, choked and spat on before she was thrown out of the party.

The Harlem rapper reported the incident to the police after demanding an apology from Russell Crowe but she was shut down. A rep for Banks said she is feeling traumatized but still wants to clear things out.

Russell Crowe has yet to issue a comment on the event. The actor, however, shared the TMZ story about Banks’ alleged threat on his Twitter account.

The two have their fair share of run-ins with the law.

Crowe has also been branded as a hothead. In 2005, the Gladiator actor pleaded guilty to charges that he threw a phone and struck a Manhattan hotel employee.

Meanwhile, Banks was nearly sued by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in April after calling on the “burliest blackest” men to “run a train” on Palin.  Earlier this year, her Twitter account was suspended after she targeted former One Direction member Zayn Malik with her racist slurs.

In November 2015, Banks was reportedly under investigation by the LA police following an altercation with a club security guard. Later that year, she was arrested in New York after attacking a female security guard.

Stay tuned for updates on the Russell Crowe Azealia Banks feud here.