Rolling Stones Are So Old! Leaked Rider Reveals Funny Request About Electronics


When somebody mentions “The Rolling Stones” the first visual that a person would probably get is rock and roll, love ballads and Mick Jagger’s protruding tongue which is the official logo of the band. The rockers have ruled the industry in the early 60s and had revoultionized rhythmic riffs and melodic lyrical ballads.

Jagger’s enthralling vocals and harmonica leads, Keith Richards’ classic guitar skills complemented beautifully with Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman makes for one of the best rock bands ever.

The band seems to be as energetic and dynamic even to this day, but unfortunately nature cannot be outruled by skills. Even though they don the grand celebrated rockstar attitude, their age stands as a barrier to a lot of aspects.

Though the on-stage energy of the band is as wonderful as ever, as per a rider from their recent US tour, they find it too difficult to cope with the latest technology.

The Stuff reported that the band listed out their requirements for every hotel they checked in during the tour.

Aside from the basic requirements like keeping the bar open as long the veteran musicians need it, having a regular room service with multiple butlers, an after-hours dry cleaning and Marlboro Red and Marlboro lights cigarettes at their disposal, the band also requested that they be taught how to use electronics in the hotel.

Yes! As per TMZ, the band demanded a “written out instructions on how to use ALL the electronics in each room.” That includes the DVD players, air conditioning and such.

Since most of the members of the band have crossed their age-bar of 70 and Ronnie Wood from the management team is just on the verge of 70, this seems understandable. Although we have to admit, rocking out grandfathers is the coolest thing ever next to technology.


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