Twilight fans, abandon all hopes. Reports have come in that Robert Pattinson’s fiancée FKA Twigs herself asks Kristen Stewart’s advice on how to handle Pattinson.

FKA Twigs is engaged to Robert Pattinson. However, the paparazzi noted the British singer without her engagement ring on her birthday. The absence of her engagement ring was more noticeable due to the fact she celebrated her birthday together with her fiancé.

More than the engagement ring being left behind, FKA Twigs seems to be having trouble handling Pattinson’s self-destructive problems. FKA Twigs is at a loss. Thus, the singer has turned to Stewart for advice. FKA Twigs is well aware that the actress knows Pattinson so well.

From the looks of it, FKA Twigs has no qualms about asking Kristen Stewart for relationship advice. FKA Twigs trusts Robert’s now-proud lesbian ex-girlfriend’s sentiments on how to handle the self-destructive Pattinson, Hollywood Life reports.

Meanwhile, the singer most probably supports Kristen Stewart on her decision to finally come out to the public about her gender identity. After a highly publicized relationship with Robert Pattinson that spanned the entire Twilight series films, Kristen Stewart has finally come out as a lesbian. Currently in a relationship with her assistant Alicia Cargiles, the lesbian couple stepped out in public for the first time in Cannes.

Stewart has admitted they have had an on-off relationship before finally revealing it to the public. She also feels better now that she revealed the truth about her gender identity and relationship status. Kristen Stewart also revealed that she realized coming out will prove that she is not ashamed of her lesbian identity. Though she says her previous relationships suffered from trivialization, Stewart has now come to terms with her situation.

Robert Pattinson is reportedly happy for his ex-girlfriend. Even Robert Pattinson’s fiancée is keen to maintain her friendship and communication with the lesbian lady. FKA Twigs definitely does not consider Kristen Stewart to be a threat to her relationship. Instead, FKA Twigs might even have Kristen Stewart’s number on her emergency list if and when trouble between her and her fiancé arises. The two might even have a BFF status in the making.