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Robert Pattinson vs Jesse Eisenberg: Kristen Stewart Confused? - Aussie Network News
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Robert Pattinson vs Jesse Eisenberg: Kristen Stewart Confused?

Robert Pattinson vs Jesse Eisenberg: Kristen Stewart Confused?



Kristen Stewart has been making headlines because of her involvement with Robert Pattinson. However, there are also reports that she is in love with Jesse Eisenberg. Which of these is true?

Well, it looks like Stewart has been a hot topic since her breakup with SoKo. The former lovers dated briefly a couple of months ago until calling it quits.

Afterward, her fans became hopeful that the Twilight stars will rekindle their relationship. But it looks like a Stewart and Pattinson reunion will not be possible anytime soon.

There are also lingering reports that she reunited with Alicia Cargile. But amidst these controversies, she confesses that she loves Eissenberg.

Sources from Hollywood Life believe that there is something going on with these two celebrities. They have undeniable on-cam chemistry.

Stewart and Eisenberg stars in Woody Allen’s film, Cafe Society. According to the outlet, the beach scene is a wow.

Surprisingly, Stewart told Inquirer that Eissenberg makes her feel like a human. “I could just be the stupidest person around him, and he still likes me.”

She added that being with Eisenberg boosts her confidence. But could there be developing feelings between the two stars? The readers will find out soon.

Notably, Kristen Stewart met Robert Pattinson during the set of Twilight. They also have undeniable chemistry.

However, they were able to hide their relationship throughout the saga. The couple went out after the last film but they kept their relationship low-key.

They have dated for around five years. The public was shocked when intimate photos of Stewart and director Rupert Sanders surfaced.

The actress starred in Sander’s movie Snow White and the Huntsman. But the photos have taken a toll on her relationship with Pattinson.

The actor is now currently dating professional singer and dancer FKA Twigs. On the other hand, fans are eager to know his ex-gf’s official status.

When will Kristen Stewart break her silence about the controversies? Fans will find out soon.