Kristen Stewart is newly single, and everyone is guessing if she is going to rekindle her relationship with Robert Pattinson. This might be the perfect time because rumor has it that Twilight reboot will be on.

The speculations about their reunion began long before Stewart broke up with her partner SoKo. On the other hand, hearsays reveal that Pattinson and FKA Twigs are having problems.

But, does Stewart misses her ex-boyfriend? Entertainment Tonight got a hold of her statement.

The versatile actress talked about her upcoming movie with Nicolas Hoult called Equals. She said that the script had an impact on her.

“You just place yourself in that feeling that maybe you’ve had before — it’s the most visceral, intense, overwhelming feeling — so when it’s really great, it’s epically great, and when it’s really bad, it’s epically bad.”

The celebrity media outlet guesses that the actress is talking about her past relationship with Pattinson. The former couple dated for almost five years.

Meanwhile, another report revealed how her role as Bella Swan changed her life. According to the interview, she said that the romantic film has made her famous overnight.

But the consequences of being away with her friends surfaced afterward. However, she said that she did her best to get close again, and now they are very protective of her.

On the other hand, she laughs off the reports that she’s willing to star in the rumored Twilight reboot. According to Yahoo! News, she said that she already starred in five of the films, so, maybe not.

Kristen Stewart has been sharing her ideas about films these past few days. Just recently, she said that a female James Bond must be exciting.

She said that the female lead might start off as Bond’s leading lady, wherein she is actually the Bond girl. While her idea is exquisite, the James Bond movie filmmakers are yet to comment on that.

There will more news about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the coming days; so stay tuned.