Did the news of Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs’ wedding date drive Kristen Stewart into the arms of a new love? Has Pattinson finally given up on a possible reunion with Stewart as her new romance flourishes?

Movie News Guide reported about Pattinson’s impending nuptials to Twigs. A source revealed that the wedding would take place by late summer.

The venue for the wedding will likely be somewhere in Europe, the source added.

The website said the couple wanted to keep their wedding plans private. Hence, their friends only found out about the details recently. Before that, they thought the couple would opt to elope.

The website also noted that the couple is still deciding who to invite to their big day.

Pattinson reportedly wants to invite Stewart to their wedding.

However, his ex-girlfriend may bring along a plus one to the occasion. At this point, it might not be difficult to deduce who it is.

On a recent trip to Paris, Kristen Stewart toured the City of Light with French musician SoKo. To date, neither Stewart nor SoKo has come forward to confirm their relationship.

However, they continue to appear together and affectionately holding hands while in public, Mail Online reported.

The website revealed the couple were at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. They were booked on a flight to the US last Saturday.

Mail Online also noted the couple’s attempt to remain inconspicuous. However, given the media frenzy over their relationship then that’s probably quite difficult to do.

According to Mail Online, news of their relationship came out earlier this month. Photographs showed the two as they went around Los Angeles. They had their “arms around each other”, the website noted.

However, things between the two became more apparent later on in Paris. The web went wild with photos of the couple kissing and giggling.