Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs Wedding is constantly in flux! Don’t cue the wedding bells! Reports have it that the actor is not yet ready to tie the knots with his fiancée. Pattinson recently admitted that he has plans to get hitched with Twigs, but not anytime soon.

Is Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Wedding off?

It looks like the ‘Twilight‘ male lead isn’t ready to get married yet. Although the actor is currently engaged to English                 singer FKA Twigs, he is not will to take the wedding vows immediately.

During the 10th annual GO Campaign Gala in LA on Nov. 5, Robert Pattinson talked about what’s ahead. When asked about his wedding plans, the 30-year-old told People: “Planning what now?”  He further confessed that he still feels like a young man. In his words:”I still feel like I’m 22…. Maybe even 14.”

The couple has been wrapped up in wedding rumors for quite a while now. Pattinson proposed to FKA Twigs early last year but they have always postponed the wedding. Meanwhile, some publications also circulated their split stories. In fact, things have become pretty messy when Pattinson’s ex Kristen Stewart being dragged into the scene.

These days, the actor-singer duo is hardly spotted together. As per records, they have not made any public appearance together, after May 2016.  It is believed that the couple is drifting away from each other. It has kind of fueled the speculations that the A-Lister couple is not keeping on very good terms.

A few days back, another source conveyed that the pair has struggled in their long-distance relationship for some time and has been on the outs ever since Robert Pattinson started shooting for his upcoming project, ‘The Lost City Of Z’.

Right from the beginning, Pattinson and Twigs have been very private about their relationship, which has provided endless grist to the rumor mill.  Many media outlets doubted that the pair has already gone off on their separate ways.

Right now, the status of Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs Wedding is in jeopardy. So, we might have to for some more time to get a clear picture of their future plans.