Singer-songwriter FKA Twigs is back in action again. The musical muse has come up with her new songs which form part of her latest stage show, called Radiant Me². What is more attention-grabbing is, that the songs are hinting towards her love interest. Are FKA Twigs new songs about Rob? Let’s find out.

Recently, during a performance at a Russian musical festival, FKA Twigs debuted three new songs. The songs, whose titles yet to get finalized, formed part of a new stage show called Radiant Me². Earlier she mentioned that she is proud as well as excited about introducing the songs  at Moscow’s Lastochka Festival. “Thank you Москва that was fun! come see us perform Radiant Me² this summer,” later on, she tweeted .

Previously, also she posted a video captioned Radiant Me² featuring silent clippings of dance rehearsals.

All the FKA Twigs new songs were done with fresh choreography and some great handsy set design. In February of this year, she released a new single called ‘Good To Love’, her first musical track since 2015’s ‘M3LL155X’ EP. Originally, the track was aired at last year’s Soundtrack 7 residency at the Manchester International Festival. It appears to narrate the story of a lost love. Whereas, there are talks that her latest creations are signaling towards her new found love.

One of the tracks has lyrics as “Yes Yes Yes” and it is speculated that it denotes the love proposal from Pattinson. In recent times both of them are in the news and are said to be in a relationship. Although nothing concrete has been heard from either of them, there is something brewing between the two which has caught the media attention.

Is it just a coincidence or intentional to have such lyrics, only Twigs has the answers. However, her performance has certainly raised hopes of her fans who feel that her second proper album may come much sooner than expected.

She took her Facebook profile to announce her performance schedules of her Radiant Me². She will be performing it six more times between now and July 23. Five of these performances will be held in North America, and the other will be in Grimstad, Norway, reports NME.

Watch FKA Twigs new songs performance below:


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