Monday, September 26, 2016

Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs Break-up? Singer Attends Art Show Without Rob

Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs Break-up? Singer Attends Art Show Without Rob Boom


FKA Twigs recently made a pretty appearance at an art show. But the most prominent arm-candy was missing to her get up. Any guesses? It is her love interest, Robert Pattinson. Did they break up?

At Matthew Stone’s art show, FKA Twigs was the connoisseur of all eyes and all thanks to her outstanding outfit.  She is famed for donning bold ensembles while performing at her racy shows. But this time, she proved that she is a pro at off-duty appearances too.

Tahliah Barnett, the real name of the Twigs, grabbed all the eyeballs by showing up in a stunning sheer top to attend the private view of a new art show in London.

The 28-year-old singing sensation looked every bit sensuous in her arty combo, at the Matthew Stone Healing With Wounds show which was conducted at Somerset House. She highlighted her slender upper body in a transparent Jean Paul Gautier top and the top gave a graceful glimpse of the black bra she was sporting underneath. The top was done with original artwork and sketches in burgundy and yellow, and this pick lets her stand out in the crowd, described Mail Online .

@artshaman a dear friend and true artist. you are an inspiration. your opening tonight was stunning. #healingwithwounds

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She teamed her top with harem pants.  Her make-up was kept minimal, as she did her face only with a bit of tinted moisturizer and nude lipstick. Her hair was done in a messy ponytail.  However, she accentuated her look with accessories and was seen wearing elaborate jewelry on her head that fell around her forehead to frame her face. She again highlighted her slim waist by wearing beads around her hips. She chose black ankle boots to complete her looks.

Still, there was something very prominently missing from Twigs’ appearance. She has been dating Twilight star Robert Pattinson and the duo has been making many public appearances together. But he wasn’t seen at this show. She is said to be engaged to Robert Pattinson. The couple was last seen together in public at the Met Gala in New York in May.

Isn’t it something more than just coincidence? Is it hinting something bitter brewing between the two?

  • Just My Opinion

    Um, hello, Rob is in the states preparing for a movie. What is she supposed to sit around and wait for him to come home. Have no life, ya right ! As if, she is just out at a friend’s show having fun. They will be back together soon for knew of her own shows this year.

    • PF

      Think about it. She has never visited him anywhere. There are no pics of her at his house or at her house. The only pics are of them at a public place.There are so many photoshopped pics you don’t even know their fake. Rob quit promoting her tours a year ago. The MET was PR probably to help her with her concerts this month. All the pics are photoshopped and he hasn’t seen her since the MET. She even quit wearing her fake engagement ring last Jan. The tabloids even believe the lie they were tricked into on April 1st 2015. Rob refuses to acknowledge her in public or has never said her name. There is no relationship. It was a fake to promote her career.

      • Just My Opinion

        Ok, I agree that there are virtually no pictures of them together since the met, I might even believe that they are a PR couple, and an investment of Robs, but… every time we think they might be apart etc, we all end up eating our words. I think she is getting ready to drop another “song” or something, hence all the wacky photos on instagram again, and willing to bet Rob will be at both of her concerts this month, showing us how strong they are. I just don’t get all the cloak and dagger stuff. But, they are what they are, whatever that

        • PF

          All the more reason to know it’s PR if he shows up sporadically. Lots of money spent on promoting her and this is the result. They’re not going to regain any money lost on that investment. Everyone is waiting with baited breath for one song? Good to Love failed. Her fans are hanging in there. I feel bad that she’s unconcerned about them. They said she was working on an album. I hate to say this. but I don’t think she likes to work. Work is a hobby to get attention. Everything they print about her is the past & that’s what she’s basing her career on Rob catapulted her career to the top with his name in less than a year. Any artist would kill for that opportunity. It didn’t work because it came to her so easy. She loved being famous. His name got her to places she’d never have gotten into. Rob has been in LA, and he’s filming in Utah now. Even if he wasn’t, he’s not going to be at her concerts anymore. He promoted to the max, and the rest was up to her, and this is how she’s choosing to handle her career. A few little concerts this year is not going to catapult her career. When Rob exited, it was up to her to take the ball and run with it. She thinks she can do what she wants and work when she wants and still be famous. Hard work is what keeps someone on top. Getting Rob to give her a boost with PR shots didn’t work at this last MET. Rob is a good actor, but it was obvious a crumb was thrown, and there was no real boost because is was obvious there was no real relationship there. She’s doing what she wants to do now. It’s all up to her.

  • GG

    Rob has nothing to do with her personally. He tried to help her promote her career and she just doesn’t have what it takes to make it. She has a few concerts this month compared to what she had the last two years. Her notoriety came from her connection to him. Even the MET proved she got nothing from that PR. The pics were awkward and a sign that they were only PR pictures. Rob never was, isn’t now, nor will he ever be in a personal relationship with her. She’s on her own and what she does has nothing to do with Rob.

  • May Loo

    What a yucky outfit. That is not hipster fashion and boy is it hard on the eyes. And to think I thought she had lost her nose ring. Ugh. Maybe the ring belongs in R’s nose.

    • Gary Liz Fitschen

      and you all give Kristen s@#$t for her clothes and yes the nose ring should go

      • May Loo

        I think K dresses well when she appears at different events. On her off-time? I don’t like the grunge look generally-it’s a kids look.