After an “are they, or aren’t they” game on social media, maybe it’s pretty safe to say that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are an item—after all, Rob is reportedly giving his new girl the full “Kardashian beauty treatment.”

According to HollywoodLife, the Kardashian brother drove his new girl to Epione Cosmetic Laser Center in Beverly Hills to get laser treatments, the same place where Kim gets some of her beauty treatments. As Blac Chyna received her treatments, Rob reportedly waited in his car. As HollywoodLife commented, “What a sweet guy!” Indeed, the Kardashian brother seems to pull out all the stops to take care of his new girl.

Blac Chyna also reportedly got another laser procedure at the same clinic: She had the tattoo of her ex, “Future,” removed there as well. The clinic specializes in these and other procedures like breast augmentation surgery, botox, laser treatments for stretch mark removal, among others. Kim Kardashian reportedly had treatments for her “wrinkly hands” at this clinic.

As HollywoodLife observed, Rob Kardashian seems to be doing “a lot of driving” for his new girl. He also recently picked up Blac Chyna all the way from Texas after the budding entrepreneur was arrested in Austin last Friday.

Rob Kardashian was known to shy away from fame, even though the rest of his family are active stars of the reality show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” It seems that with this new relationship, he’s coming out of his shell and going back into the limelight.

As HollywoodLife said, “Young love!” This love month, what lengths would you go to, to show your love for your squeeze? Maybe like Rob, you’ll pull out all the stops to take her to all the beauty treatments she needs and drive her all around the country too. Nothing less than the full royal Kardashian treatment, really.