Rob Kardashian Karrueche Tran Dating? Swollen Mouth from Kissing?


Rob Kardashian is no less than his siblings in terms of breaking headlines and being on top order of the paparazzi list.

A photograph which was posted lately on Instagram, displayed Karrueche Tran with a swollen face. While many relate the  picture to speculations of intimacy with her best friend, the 27-year old model specified to the media that the swelling on her face is just a post dental surgery effect and not because she has been making out with Rob, notes TMZ.

According to the site, Rob posted a photo of Tran post-dental surgery but has since deleted the photo.  The picture shows Tran smiling awkwardly with a swollen face possibly due to the anaesthesia given to her prior to the surgery.

While Rob captioned the deleted picture “I like when she sends me pictures” and has saved Tran’s name as “Karrooooooooochieeeeee”on his contact list, a source tells TMZ that it’s silly to speculate that he’s dating the model since they have been best friend since high school.

Tran’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, who had quite a serious relationship with her, commented that he would never feel jealous of Rob unlike other men in his ex girl’s life, according to Hollywood Life.

“No disrespect to the brother, but Rob couldn’t land Karrueche if he were a pilot,” a source told the site.

The insider added that it would be a downgrade if Karrueche dates Rob and that Brown is pretty confident about the fact that no sexual encounters would occur between his ex and Rob Kardashian.

Karrueche and Chris have gone through an emotional break up earlier this year.

Is the model moving on with Kardashian? Stay tuned for more updates.





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