Every now and then celebrities do something out of the ordinary that puts them in the center of the spotlight and makes them a hot topic around the web.

The latest celebrity to do exactly just that is British pop artist Rita Ora. In a report by Hollywood Life, the Fifty Shades of Grey actress stopped by Capital FM Studios to promote a new song and her collaboration with drum-and-bass duo Sigma. During the guesting, Ora was asked to perform a cover of recent hit songs such as Hotline Bling by artist Drake. Ora was very game for the challenge up until she was asked to do a cover of Adele’s smashing new hit, “Hello”.

The music played and Ora sang it in tune, but the language was totally unknown. At first, the singer can be heard saying: “I don’t know if as vocalists we wanna take this song.” She later on says that she can’t sing the song and instead, she’s going to rap it. It took a moment for people in the studio with her to realize that the singer was doing the cover in a made-up language. Marie Claire perfectly describes the made-up language as “gibberish.”

Still, although many would dismiss the slight change as the pop singer just having some fun or inserting creativity in doing a challenge, a more intriguing theory has been suggested.

According to Pop Crush, Ora may have sang the song in gibberish in order to avoid comparisons with “Adele’s mammoth vocal talents.” The report added that although Ora would have done “Hello” some justice if she sang it properly, “the fear involved in covering Adele was ultimately too great.” Pop Crush added that “no one wants to go voice-to-voice with Adele when it comes to singing.”

Since a direct comparison cannot be made between the two, people will never know who between Adele or Rita Ora sang “Hello” better. Vulture goes as far as saying that this could be “music’s greatest mystery.”

How about you, what do you think? Watch Rita Ora sing “Hello” in her made-up language to find out.