Does Rihanna think Beyonce’s “Formation” is nothing compared to her track, “Work?”

According to Hollywood Life, the singer from Barbados seems to have thrown “major shade” at the “Flawless” songstress on Twitter.

“Rihanna may have just started a Tidal turf war with Beyonce over where their songs are placed on the streaming service’s charts,” the gossip site reported. Tidal is a subscription-based music streaming service. It is owned by Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z. Will a girl fight ensue?

According to CBS News, the “Diamonds” singer dissed Beyonce with ” a very quick and very subtle Twitter move.” Rihanna reportedly liked a fan’s post that pointed out how “Work” is outperforming a certain “single performed to a global audience.”

“The fact that ‘Desperado‘ is HIGHER on the Bubbling Under chart than a single performed to a global audience,” the tweet read. “Desperado” is a track featured on Rihanna’s most recent album, ANTI. CBS News suggests, the “single performed to a global audience” refers to Beyonce’s “Formation.”

Beyonce released the track “Formation” earlier last month. She then performed the song during the 2016 Super Bowl half time show.  According to Hollywood Life, the tweet in question also included a picture of Beyonce’s husband looking “in shock over what’s being said.” This further suggests that the tweet really is a diss to her.

Rihanna reportedly quickly un-liked the tweet. But she just was not fast enough. Fans were able to take a screengrab of her “subtle” Twitter blunder. The singers’ respective fans were reportedly in a “total uproar.”

Tidal earlier botched the roll-out for Rihanna’s album. The streaming service accidentally leaked the album two days before its scheduled release. Because of this slip-up, ANTI seemed to be an early flop. Only 1,000 copies were reportedly sold during its first week. Is this Rihanna’s attempt at getting even?