Reign Season 3 Recap: Protestant Attack in Scotland Presses Mary to Take Action

Reign Season 3

The royals at French Court are back for the mid-season premiere of Reign Season 3.

In episode 11 entitled “Succession,” Bash finally uncovers the identity of the serial killer that’s been terrifying the castle and nearby towns for days. It’s good to see Bash’s hard work somehow come into fruition.

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After successfully kicking out the scheming Stéphane Narcisse (Craig Parker) from the Regency in the previous episode, Charles (Spencer MacPherson) was able to prove that he is wiser beyond his years and is fitting of the crown. He is nearing his coronation but trouble lurks around the castle, threatening his succession.

Meanwhile, Mary has problems of her own, adding to that is her confusion about her feelings towards the English ambassador, Gideon. Trouble brews in Scotland and a protestant reformer named John Knox is to blame. He’s not a huge fan of Catholics and female monarchs so that basically crushes Mary’s plans of returning home. Scottish Ambassador Lord Cunningham advises Mary to wed King Eric of Sweden, a protestant, in order to appease her enemies.

But before Mary could decide on a solution, Knox and his followers have stormed Edinburgh Castle and burned Mary’s effigies in the streets. Mary decides that raising an army would be the only way to quell her enemies so she plans to head to the Vatican to ask for funding. Gideon, however, stops her, telling her that Elizabeth may see her aggression as a threat.

Meanwhile, Gideon and Mary grow closer, especially with the arrival of Gideon’s daughter, Agatha. Actress Adelaide Kane, who plays Queen Mary on Reign, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her new flame.

“She’s very conflicted. This is the first time that she’s been attracted to another man since the death of the love of her life, and that’s very jarring. I’m sure it feels like a betrayal of Francis’ memory,” Kane told EW.

Kane hinted that Mary will not be as “madly, desperately in love” with Gideon as she was with Francis. But she revealed that there might be some flirtation between the two.

When asked what fans can expect for the rest of Reign Season 3, Kane revealed that fans will see Mary take the reins for the first time on her own. Also, viewers will be taken to Scotland for which Mary’s awesome-as-always wardrobe has been changed to fit the scenery.

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There’s also a lot of interest surrounding Bash since actor Torrance Coombs has confirmed his exit from the show after season 3, EW reports. There’s a possibility that he might eventually become one of the serial killer’s victims.

Reign Season 3 airs every Mondays on The CW.


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