Reddit Launches Official Android App; Complete Details Here

Reddit App

The front page of the internet is indeed where the party is at for netizens. Now, the company behind it has just released the beta version of its new and official Android app today, with the iOS counterpart to follow “soon.”

Reddit founder Steve Huffman has just announced that the platform’s new Android app is going live today, albeit it will be in its beta form. “We are all redditors,” Huffman wrote in the post, “and we are all driven to understand why Reddit works for some people, but not for others; which changes are working, and what effect they have; and to get into a rhythm of constant improvement. We appreciate your patience while we modernize Reddit.”

Reddit’s Android app, by the looks of it, can do well on the market although it still has a long way to go. The app features a circular bright orange icon as well as a few Material Design elements that will make it close to home for Android fanatics. At first launch, users will be able to log in, sign up, or just browse the platform from the get go. The Reddit app also features support for multiple accounts for users that are juggling between them.

The action bar, on the other hand, provides several buttons that allow users to search, see their inbox, profile and so forth no matter where the users are in the app. Furthermore, there’s also a feature that allows users of the platform to easily post a link, text or image through the FAB. What’s more, it can also be used as a reply button whenever the user is in a thread. Moreover, comments can also be sorted according to what’s best, new, top and Q&A.

However, the Reddit app is still clearly in beta and it’s not as smooth at the moment. While it may still take some time for Reddit to bring out a more stable version, it’s still a welcomed feature for every user out there.

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