Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist  Michael “Flea” Balzary has been mistaken to be a member of another band he once played with.

In an Instagram post, Flea recalled an incident at Belarus airport where he was mistaken to be Metallica’s band’s bassist Robert Trujillo.

The Australian-born musician narrated that RHCP was called into the customs office at an airport in Belarus, where they were asked by the officials to sign several Metallica’s CD and photos. Flea said he tried to explain to the custom officials that they are not the Metallica but that did not discouraged Belarusian customs agents in seeking the bass player’s autograph. According to Flea, the officials insisted that they sign the Metallica’s CDs and photos anyway.

Flea also mentioned that he performed “Fight Fire with Fire” with Metallica during a benefit concert in 2008. He however humbly added, “I’m no Robert Trujillo.”

In June, the Californian band released their latest album, “The Getaway.” They performed in Moscow and at the T in the Park in Perthshire, Scotland over the weekend.

Red Hot Chili Pepper delighted its fans when it closed the final day of the Perthshire festival with a set of tracks from their latest album. The band’s opened their set with hit track “Can’t Stop.”

Meanwhile, RHCP drummer Chad Smith joined Jake Bugg on stage during the latter’s set of “Slumville Sunrise,” NME reported.

Smith revealed that Bugg told him not to break the drums before he joined the musician on stage. He also explained how the collaboration came about. Smith said he already played with Bugg on “Shangri-La” and it he enjoyed it.

Red Hot Chili Peppers earlier canceled its sold-out iHeart Radio concert in May due to frontman Anthony Kiedis’ condition. Kiedis was hospitalized in May due to complication from intestinal flu.

The band’s international tour will continue through November.