Real Housewives fans Down Under officially met the cast of the reality show’s Sydney spin-off just a couple of days ago. But trouble seems to have already erupted between the ladies from both shows. Will the new series really lead to the cancellation of the original Real Housewives of Melbourne? Will Sydney’s version of Real Housewives really prove to be better the show?

Foxtel won’t likely cancel the show’s Melbourne version anytime soon. Fans, meanwhile, won’t know for sure which show is better since the Real Housewives of Sydney hasn’t actually premiered yet. However, some of the cast members from both shows have already begun a “bitter” word war.

According to the Australian Daily Telegraph, a couple of cast members from both shows don’t seem to get along. A Real Housewives cast member from Melbourne, Gamble Breaux, took to Facebook to lash out on Sydney cast member, Lisa Oldfield. Both Breaux and Oldfield had some choice words for each other.

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Breaux called Oldfield a “stupid old cow,” a “blood sucking tick,” and an “Anna Winters [sic] wannabe.” Her “acidic” tirade against the reality TV newcomer did not exactly come out of nowhere, though. At the Real Housewives of Sydney media launch last week, Oldfield did say she wouldn’t compare herself to any of the Melbourne cast members because their benchmark is “so low.”

Oldfield still didn’t take Breaux’s online rant against her lying down, though. “I’m not surprised she hasn’t heard of me,” she was quoted as saying. “I made my name in the boardroom, she made hers in the bedroom…This is just a desperate grab to remain relevant. It is reality TV, we are not saving lives. My original comments were just to create a bit of drama in good fun.”

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Real Housewives of Sydney premieres next year. Real Housewives of Melbourne, meanwhile, hasn’t gotten a release date yet for Season 4.