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The Real Cause Of Shrinking Infant Heads


Zika Virus has become the most alarming health issue in the world with the outbreak starting in Brazil. Among its known manifestations is microcephaly in newly born kids. However, a group of Argentine physicians recently revealed that it is not Zika virus that is causing the dreaded symptoms.

The Argentine physicians revealed that it is not Zika virus that is causing the dreaded symptoms. According to the Reduas report, Zika Virus is not the culprit, but rather a toxic larvicide that was introduced into Brazil’s water supplies.

The toxic larvicide is used to produce malformations in mosquitoes to prevent them from reproducing. According to the Physicians in Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), this was injected into the water system in 2014. The chemical is called Pyriproxyfen, and it was used by the government in a massive project involving the control of the mosquito reproduction in Brazil. The larvicide is currently manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical.

PCST took notice of the effect of the outbreak and that of the effects of the larvicide. They stressed that this is not a coincidence. They noted that it was in the state of Pernambuco where the larvicide was first injected in and it was also a well known hotspot for the Zika Virus because of the massive number of its carrier the Aedes aegypti mosquito here. Pernambuco is known to have  35 percent of the total microcephaly cases in Brazil, MedPage Today reported.

The Zika Virus group of Argentine doctors also pointed out that  there were no cases of microcephaly linked with the past Zika epidemics.  They further pointed examples like the Zika cases in Colombia where the rate is very high, but no patients were ever recorded to have developed microcephaly.

Zika Virus experts have been doing continuous research on finding out more about the disease. While in search for answers,  Sumitomo Chemical  released its statement saying pyriproxyfen poses minimal risk to birds, fish and mammals.

WHO maintains its stand over the issue and warns not to explicitly link Zika to microcephaly since the links are very casual and not well established.

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