Rare White Sparrow Seen In Victoria’s Sanctuary Lakes Resort

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A rare white sparrow was seen in Australia’s Sanctuary Lakes Resort in Point Cook, Victoria. While brown House Sparrows are a common sight in people’s homes, the pure white sparrow is one of the rarest birds not just in the land down under, but in the whole world. These unique birds are sometimes referred to as albino sparrows.

ABC reports that the white sparrow has been named by the residents of Sanctuary Lakes Resort as their “little white angel.” Bob Winters, a bird watching expert who lives in Sanctuary Lakes thinks that the rare sparrow is around seven or eight months old. Winters also commented on its snow-white feathers, which is actually a genetic mutation.

“Its genetic mutation is sort of unlucky for the bird really. Its fragile feathers make it quite difficult to fly; often the parents will kick it out of the nest, but it will join in a flock,” Winters said in the ABC report.

Winters also mentioned in a Herald Sun report that he has never seen an albino type bird in his 45 years of bird watching.

Aside from this 2015 sighting of the pure white sparrow, The Argus reports that the bird was also seen in 1941 in Victoria’s East Camberwell. Another report from The Argus also mentions that the rare white sparrow has also been spotted in Australia in 1919 in the township of Buckrabanyule, which is also in Victoria. The description in the report states that the white bird had pink eyes and appeared to be a true albino. It was sent to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

The pure white sparrow was also seen in other parts of the world. Mail Online reports that David Lloyd, a man who works for a London advertising company, spotted the rare sparrow in 2008 and took photographs of it in New Quay, Wales. Click here to see the photos from Mail Online.

Meanwhile, a Leucistic House Sparrow was filmed in September 2013 at St. Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly in the UK. Watch the video below to see it. This is different from the albino sparrow because birds with Leucism only have a partial loss of pigmentation which is due to the reduction of various types of pigment, not just melanin.

Sparrows are part of the Passeridae family of birds. The popular sparrows are the Eurasian tree sparrows (Scientific name: Passer montanus) and the House sparrow (Scientific name: Passer domesticus). These types of birds usually eat seeds. But some sparrows also eat small insects from time to time.

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Watch The White Sparrow – Leucistic House Sparrow – Blanc Moineau Domestique Video Below:


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