A new patch has arrived for “Rainbow Six: Siege,” and it is a big one, as it will feature some improvements to certain characters and to the rank matches.  The new update will roll out tomorrow for the PC while the console players will have to wait until April for it to arrive.

So what are the changes made for the new “Rainbow Six: Siege” update? VG 24/7 shares the report about the new version 2.3 update.

There will be a ton of them, starting from improvements for operators such as Buck and Frost. This works specifically with Buck for his underslug shotgun that was dramatically improved. It is now more efficient in vaulting through holes in walls. This will encourage players to use Frost more frequently as developers felt that he was not being frequently played in matches. Some felt he is underpowered.

  • Frost’s shotgun has reduced range
  • Buck’s Skeleton Key now does way more environmental damage
  • SMG-11 recoil increased
  • Spawn locations tweaked to reduce spawn kills
  • Lag compensation tweaked to favour low-ping players
  • Ranked matchmaking won’t start until ten players enter lobby
  • Ranked reconnection mechanics adjusted to get players back in matches after connection drops
  • Casual matchmaking now gives more weight to skill level
  • Reconnection extended to custom matches
  • Spectator camera tweaks
  • Stricter anti-cheat detection and penalties
  • A really astounding number of fixes (ie Level Design, Online, UI & HUD, Animation & Sound, Spectator Mode and other fixes)

You can read the full details of the patch update on “Rainbow Six: Siege” by heading to the official Ubisoft forum. The list above only shows the summary of the changes as the forum will explain everything for the improvements.