Queensland experienced a magnitude-4 earthquake today, near Faser Island, with possibility of more tremors.

The quake rocked the region only two weeks after the area had experienced a bigger earthquake, ABC News noted. The natural calamity struck at 11:07 am, 10Kms off Fraser Island as shared by Spiro Spiliopoulos, Senior Seismologist.

“It occurred in the same location as those larger quakes two weeks ago, which is about 217 kilometres north-east of Brisbane,” Spiliopoulos told ABC News.

“We think this earthquake is an aftershock following those larger magnitude-5 earthquakes.” There is a likelihood of more tremors to be experienced predicted Spiliopoulos.

“Normally when you get a large earth quake of magnitude 5 you will get a series of aftershocks which will last for some days or weeks afterwards.”

Transportation has been impacted by the quake and the Translink Train Services are running late with a 30 minutes delay, according to The Australian.  The trains should be resuming their regular schedule soon with the final checks of the tracks expected to wrap-up.

Andrea Thom, Geoscience Australia seismologist, told The Australian that the high-magnitude earthquake that shook the nation on August 1st and the one that took place today are linked. However, there is no way to tell for sure whether more would occur.

“It’s part of the same sequence but we don’t really know whether this is tapering down or could be the start of a large sequence,’’ she said.

Thom also mentioned that no tsunami occurred and in case of such an event the tsunami will take 50mins to touch the shore. It takes the department only 15 mins to send out warnings, giving people enough time to evacuate.

The residents should be alert and keep their eyes on the news, as there may be probability of more tremors.