The crocodile which killed Cindy Waldron has been captured and euthanized by wildlife officers. Rangers have confirmed that the 4.3 metre-long crocodile was euthanized yesterday.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) officers captured the huge crocodile from Cooper Creek and euthanized it. Queensland police stated that the crocodile is the target animal because of its size and location. However, police have urged that the remains of the crocodile should be examined to determine whether it was responsible for killing Cindy Waldron, as per Reportedly, it was the second crocodile destroyed as part of investigation of  Waldron’s disappearance.

Police noted, “The 4.3m estuarine crocodile was humanely euthanised. It is being transported to a secure EHP facility in Cairns.”

Apparently, Waldron, 46, was swimming with her childhood friend in Thornton Beach, north of the Daintree River, last Sunday night, when she was attacked by a crocodile. Police said that her friend was desperately trying to save Waldron but failed in her attempt. Her friend, Leeann Mitchell, 47, said that Waldron cried, “a croc’s got me, a croc’s got me.”

Mitchell ran to a nearby business asking for help and immediately taken to Mossman Hospital as she was in shock after the harrowing incident. Mitchell’s cousin Alan Frost told New Zealand Herald that she was not injured in the attack.

Waldron and Mitchell were childhood friends and they both grew up in Hamilton, New Zealand. Both the friends moved to Australia and Waldron was in the country for 18 years. She was residing in Lithgow, NSW. Incidentally the friends were celebrating Mitchell’s successful completion of cancer treatment. They were holidaying in Daintree National Park as part of the celebration.

However, some regarded the incident as a consequence of foolhardiness of the victim as there were signs all over the area indicating the danger. Local LNP federal MP Warren Entsch blamed the CindyWaldron for the unfortunate happening. He stated, “You can’t legislate against human stupidity.”

He added, “This is a tragedy but it was avoidable. There are warning signs everywhere up there.”