The Queen of England, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, is celebrating her 90th birthday – a milestone in her life. At 90, Her Majesty is still maintaining an unbelievably good form.

It is believed that although people know her face the same way they know their own, but it is impossible to claim that one knows her.

Here is a list of five reasons why everyone loves her.

Her Commitment

The Queen, now known a s the grandmother of the nation, committed herself to record-breaking reign. Her rule highlighted an era of both supreme change and blessed stability.

On her 21st birthday, Princess Elizabeth took a serious oath.

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“I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service.” Queen said.

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Even at the grand old age of 90, the Queen is still keeping that promise of her youth.

The Child Prodigy

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While the Royal Family came out of a good war, Princess Elizabeth became a heroine, a symbol of the positive future that the country was fighting for.

At 14, Elizabeth delivered her first radio speech along with her sister Margaret. Her Majesty spoke flamboyantly, talking about how it feels when we are away from those we love the most.

The message was addressed to the children but it was designed to influence adult opinion in US.

The Rebellious Marriage

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When she was just 13, Her Majesty first saw the blond naval cadet. After that she could never see anyone else.

In 90 years, choosing Philip is possibly the single act of rebellion, the Queen had performed. Philip was German, and according to her parents he was “rough, ill-mannered, uneducated and would probably not be faithful.”

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In 1947 the Princess moved ahead of her parents’ reservations and married Philip in Westminster Abbey on November 20, says Biography.

Through The Eyes of Great Men

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In 1951, when Elizabeth went on the US tour, President Truman said that when he was a little boy, he read about a fairy princess, who is now in his country.

Her Coronation, according to sociologist Michael Young, was “an act of national communion.”

While she became the embodiment for hope, Winston Churchill said that Her Majesty was a signal  for a glowing salvation of the “human scene.”

Her Works

The Queen has been a personification of feminism, when activists were burning their inner-wears. She made the case for equality very easily, by being herself.

According to former English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a new era for women was indeed be at hand after WWII.

Her Majesty helped to abolish the last branch of prejudice against women aspiring to the highest places.

According to The Telegraph, the “unflappable” Queen is a bearer of a strange serenity. It is an achievement that is said to be a mystery and the key to her success.