A PC version for Xbox One game “Quantum Break” is currently in the works.

According to Gamespot, both versions of the title will be unveiled on April 5. The game, developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft, revolves around Jack Joyce who is being hunted by a corporation due to his capability to manipulate time.

Players who pre-order the Xbox One version will get a Windows 10 copy for free but this will last only until April 4. What’s better is that people can play their saved game on the Xbox One and PC interchangeably. Since the action adventure game is single player oriented, players won’t be expecting a cross-platform mode.

Initially, there was no news whether the Windows version would be developed by another company. It was later announced that the PC rendering of the time-bending game is being developed in-house. There was also no information with regards to how the PC version fares well compared to Xbox One edition.

Included in the Xbox format of the Quantum Break is the psychological horror game “Alan Wake” and its DLC additions “The Signal” and “The Writer.” Buyers may also avail of a free access to “Alan Wake’s American Nightmare” if they buy the Quantum Break for Xbox One at selected retail outlets. They may also take advantage of Microsoft ‘s Quantum Break Xbox One deal where buying will get them Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and a white Xbox One with 500GB.

In a report made by GottaBeMobile, the game’s storyline is told from two perspectives. The game itself tells the story of the protagonist Jack Joyce while the in-game television show focuses on the antagonist Paul Serene. Both Joyce and Serene got their powers from a time travel experiment that got out of control. Monarch Solutions, the corporation that’s pursuing the main hero, is founded by Serene.

The action adventure game was supposed to be unveiled last year but was delayed for unapparent reasons.