Immediately after season 1 aired its final episode, Quantico season 2 spoilers have started to surface online.  With the first season ending on a very nerve wracking note, fans are definitely excited to know what happens next to Alex Parish.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers from the season 1 finale, so please read at your own risk!

As avid viewers of the show already know, Alex and Ryan successfully stopped Liam’s sinister plans, which also took the terrorist’s life. Liam’s wasn’t the only death in the first season as Simon also died to save the team.  Alex eventually left the FBI but was then offered a spot at the CIA.

Will she take the new assignment? Ultimately, this is the question all fans want an answer to.  Luckily, executive producer Josh Safran recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and gave some interesting information about the upcoming run.

“The key to that is in the title of the episode, which is usually the last word spoken in every episode,” Safran replied when asked about Alex’s CIA stint. “This time, curiously, it’s not, and yet it is. So.”

As the finale episode title, “Yes,” suggests, it looks like writers have already implied that Alex will be taking the offer.  Another hint points at Alex riding the van with Keyes, played by Henry Czerny.  Will fans see his return in “Quantico” season 2?

“Pretty much all that you’ve seen is all I can tell you,” Safran shared. “We’d love to have him back next year, but it’s all being discussed now.”

Meanwhile, fans are also interested to know whether other cast favourites will reprise their role in the new season.  Safran was kind enough to share their ideas about the cast and their probable return.

“This is all stuff that we’re dealing with now that I can’t really answer yet, but I will tell you that there will definitely be new additions to the cast,” he claimed. “We have new stories to tell, and there will be returning cast members, but season 2 is definitely more of a new novel than the next chapter.”

“It’s like, instead of a sequel that continues the story, [we follow] the character who’s been through what they’ve been through but further down their road. So yes, there will be new people, new circumstances, but also returning people.”

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