The “Quantico” Season 2 is about to be released in ABC but Priyanka Chopra still remembers how she was nervous during the audition for the main character, Alex Parrish. The leading lady talked about the struggles of getting into Hollywood and how her hard work paid off.

Times of India revealed that “Quantico” was the first major project the beauty queen auditioned for. According to the website, Chopra was so nervous to read some lines in front of the panel but was able to get the role.

And recently, the former Miss World also admitted that despite being famous in Bollywood, she was not confident that she is going to make it in Hollywood. She also talked about how the ABC series broke the “stereotypical” connotation about the Indian actors.

“I feel that we can be anything,” she said. “Today, India is the youngest country in the world and our youth is empowered with being able to do and be anything they want in any part of the world. So we should not be told that you can’t do something.”

The “Quantico” star allegedly made a deal with ABC on the condition that she should portray a lead character if they want to work with her. Otherwise, she won’t sign the deal because she allegedly feels that putting her in a support role is part of the stereotype.

“I don’t think art should have barriers of geography , language , colour or creed or anything. Art is art,” Chopra said. The actress went on to continue that she always wanted to have the lead role and was able to convince the producers to make the show “more cultural.”

Well, it appears that Priyanka Chopra is successful at her objective because the show has allegedly been massive. Aside from the series, she is on the list of actresses that is about to star in the movie adaptation of “Baywatch,” notes The Hollywood Reporter.