Every month-end witnesses full force of predictions for next month’s PS Plus Free Games and this time around it is no different.

Nothing gets PS fans more excited than the announcement of a “AAA” being offered on the list of free games, and chances are that could probably become true for the month of October 2015.

Product Reviews got its hands on a leaked image showing the North American Store screenshot where in the title “Assassin’s Creed:Black Flag” has been marked as free. However, when clicked on, it asks for payment to be made. Could this error possibly indicate that this “AAA” title will find its way on the October 2015 PS Plus Free Games list? PS fans could definitely hope so, until they hear an official word from Sony stating otherwise.

Earlier reports have indicated that “Super Meat Boy” will be on the roster and as noted by Product Reviews, developers of the game had already confirmed its arrival on the list earlier in the year. So one title for the next month PS Plus Free Games seems to be confirmed.

Reportedly, “Three Forth Home: Extended Edition” could be another title to be included in the free games list since it is expected to be released on October 6, 2015. The same day the October 2015 PS Plus games will be out, indicating that this could possibly be an option. However, it may just arrive as a bonus since it doesn’t look like it is a full-fledged game yet.

Other predictions made by Latin Post include “Badlands GoY” and “Grim Fandango Remastered.”

The month of September 2015 saw titles such as “Grow Home,” “Super Time Force Ultra,” “Xeodrifter,” “Twisted Metal,” “Teslagrad” and “La Mulana EX” coming out for PS fans. Now, what the month of October will bring remains to be seen; Super Meat Boy is going to be one of the games on the list for sure.

Avid gamers could check back for updates on October 2015 PS Plus Free Games.