While just a few days ago the PS Plus free games lineup was revealed for the Asian markets, there was no word on what gamers in US and Europe can expect for the month of November.

According to the report on Gamezone, retailer Bol.com accidently let the cat out of the bag and the two titles – “The Walking Dead – Season 2” and “Magicka 2,” were revealed in a tweet.

The report also stated that the PlayStation’s EU Blog Manager shared that the team was still working on confirming details and nothing else had been mentioned.

Now, the official word is out and the PlayStation Blog has confirmed that those two titles are indeed part of the November 2015 lineup for avid gamers.

The second season of the popular title, “The Walking Dead,” from Telltale Games, continues by following Clementine and helping her stay alive in the ruthless world of the undead.

With “Magicka 2,” gamers can adorn the Wizard’s hat and jump into this action adventure of spell casting. Avid gamers will have to do away with all the evil in the world, and their spells are their most powerful weapon.

“Mass Effect 2,” is also included in the free games for the month. With this title, gamers can up the stakes by downloading armor, weapons and other upgrades to assist them in this lethal adventure.

So, the complete lineup for the November month of PS Plus free games reads out to be:

1. The Walking Dead: Season 2

2. Magicka 2

3. Mass Effect 2

4. Beyond Good & Evil

5. Dragon Fin Soup

6. Invizimals

With PS4 prices being heavily slashed down for the holidays, gamers who have been holding back on upgrading are probably busy getting their hands on the console.

Ardent gamers can keep coming back for updates on PS4 and predictions for the next month of PS Plus free games.