A triangular UFO hovering over the moon in a new footage questions the proof of aliens and their extraterrestrial presence on the planet Earth. The sightings often overwrought alien geeks that one day Earth would be able to communicate their technology and their existence. Would not it be thrilling when we would be able to use their technology to fabricate hyper cities? Isn’t it thrilling? Indeed!

A telescopic video uploaded on Youtube by Texas Unidentified Flying Object Research Center (TUFORC), seems to have buzzed the alien enthusiasts whether the proof is pukka or not.

The video focuses on the surface of the moon then, Steve – the owner of the page, zooms in and figures out a strange triangular object crossing over the moon’s surface. It appears to be moving fast.

TUFORC described the video is a bit fuzzy to watch.

“The original video is a bit fuzzy due to atmospheric distortion, but many of the still frames from the original video show a defined triangle shape craft,” it said.

Thrilled on what he caught, Steve contacted Tyler Glockner of Secureteam10 – a research page. The team uploaded the video again with a more clear explanation. The video has garnered more than 91,000 views and has galvanized an alien discussion.

According to The Sun, Texas reports the most number of UFO sightings.

Glockner said that this is not the first video which captured the UFO sightings near the moon.

“This is certainly not the first video anybody has captured of these objects traversing the moon’s surface, going around the back side of the moon,” says Glockner in the video.

“Amazing job by Steve… he has definitely caught something here,” he adds.

Well, the video dispels the doubt of Steve and Glockner, while some commenters are not satisfied with the given fact.

Some think that triangular object is a satellite making rounds around the moon, while some called it a shadow.

What do you think it would be ? Comment down below, space is all yours.