The Australian authorities have cancelled the visa of US citizen Jeff Allen, the so-called pickup artist who worked for the US-based group, Real Social Dynamics. The seminars held by RSD were described as “very repugnant” by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported Dutton announced on Tuesday that the Immigration Department of Australia did not find the reason behind the man’s arrival to be legitimate and thus revoked his visa.

“The department has already moved very quickly to tidy this situation up,” the ABC quoted Dutton as saying. “Full praise to the department and the officers who have identified these people, who are completely without legitimate cause to be here, don’t meet our character tests and in this instance the visa has been cancelled.”

The ABC reported that Allen had left Australia even before his visa was revoked.

An online petition calling for his deportation secured more than 62,000 signatures. The RSD had planned seven free events in Australia between January and April. Video footages posted online showed Allen using abusive and derogatory language for women.

The RSD previously promoted the use of violence against women to seduce them. In 2014, Julien Blanc’s, another RSD instructor, Australian visa was cancelled following mass protests. Scott Morrison was the immigration minister at the time. Blanc came to Australia to hold a series of seminars on “how to pick up women.” Many of his tactics were criticized for being abusive and misogynistic.

Vibe Hotels announced on Monday afternoon that it has cancelled all events by RSD, booked under a different name.

“TFE Hotels has learnt RSD booked events at Vibe Hotels under another name & has cancelled any further events at all hotels,” Vibe Hotels posted on Twitter.

Dutton was also urged by Greens spokesperson for women, Larissa Waters, to cancel the visa of Allen, on the grounds that it advocated “sexism and violence.”