‘The Project’ Slammed After Technical Glitch; Funniest Reactions Here

The Project

A massive technical glitch left the “The Project” hosts with nothing to air for around half an hour.  A malfunctioning switch left the viewers in lurch halfway into the telecast.

Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald would never have imagined that they would have to act on live television. A massive technical fault left them with nothing to air on the latest episode of “the Project” yesterday. In a bid to fill in the time, Bickmore read news and the others acted it out reveals Sydney Morning Herald.

“Guys, I think you’ll all agree the show has been fantastic so far tonight, just going really swimmingly, it’s been incredible,” revealed Aly. “The secret is, downstairs, the hamsters are having massive technical issues,” he added.

Giving the “show must go on,” vibe Bickmore announced that she will read news on TV. “So, I’m going to read the news and these guys are going to act out the news. Because that’s all we can do,” announced Bickmore. Fitzy opined that Aly’s pelvic thrusts on national television was probably the pinnacle of his career, when Aly impersonated Michael Jackson. This was for a story about a life-size version of the King of Pop cake.

They tried stretching retiring Australian basketball player Lauren Jackson’s interview. And while fillers like ads and encounter between comedian Lehmo and the Cookie Monster worked for a while, Brickmore honestly told the viewers that, “We have nothing to play to air for the next half an hour of the show,” states

Craig Campbell, the show’s executive producer informed that he was happy with the way the hosts handled the situation. “A switch that connects the edit suite to the control room malfunctioned so we couldn’t get our packaged material to air,” he explained. “We were fortunate to have four amazing performers on the desk to get through it and make it entertaining,” he added.

While the improvisations were entertaining as well, viewers took to Twitter to post their reactions to “The Project.”

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