The fourth season of Prison Break revealed that Michael Scofield actually had a son with Sara. Circumstance prevented him from ever meeting his child. However, will the tide finally turn to their favor this time? Will Michael finally meet his junior when the Prison Break reboot comes along?

Not much is known about Michael Jr. as of now, since the original series only ever featured him once.  However, according to a popular entertainment site, the show’s star Wentworth Miller mentioned his character’s son and wife again while talking about the reboot.

How important will his family be to Michael in this next installment? Will Michael’s son really prove instrumental in the upcoming revival mini-series?

Miller was among the actors present at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego, California. While discussing the reboot’s plot with Entertainment Weekly, the actor pointed out how similar Michael’s journey is to that of Greek myth hero Odysseus.

“There’s definitely some nods to the classical… to Greek mythology. And my character is [similar to] the character in The Odyssey, on a quest to get home,” Miller said. “At this point in the narrative… he’s been part of this big bad operation organization, and it’s left it’s mark on him. So, my character’s big objective is to get home to my wife, to the son that I’ve never met. But the question is, once I get there, will I still be recognizable? Will I still be the man that my wife fell in love with?”

What happens to Michael and his family is anyone’s guess at the moment. The actor just left these questions unanswered. The show originally ended its run with Season 4 in 2009. But Fox decided to revive it in time for next year. The show’s cast only signed up for nine additional episodes.

However, Miller did say he’s willing to do more episodes if the show’s producers come up with more stories worth telling.

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The Prison Break reboot will premiere on Fox next spring.