Prince’s Struggled With Percocet Addiction? Singer Looked For Prescription Drugs Night Before Death: Report


While more news is coming out about Prince’s death, media reports said that the superstar was struggling with using prescription medication.

The Purple Rain singer bunked “at least eight” pharmacies close to his home. He did so in order to travel further to obtain prescription pills from a separate Walgreens.

This happened on the night before his death, says Perez Hilton.

As the media is learning more, it now seems that Prince went to Walgreens chains drug stores at least four times in the week before he died.

He had visited several locations, while evoking suspicions that he was using multiple doctors. These doctors would write him multiple prescriptions with aliases, says TMZ.

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Thus in an attempt to avoid the warning from a pharmacy, he avoided visiting the same too often. Apparently, Prince could have been changing pharmacies in order to keep himself away from being detected.

Prince had been on Percocet, days before his death. It was said that he ingested a lot due to which EMTs had to apply a “save shot” at the airport.

It was at the airport, where his plane made an emergency landing to save his life.

Prince’s crew told responders that he had taken the painkiller after his Atlanta concert. It was reported that this drug intake triggered the emergency.

Percocet is a painkiller, which is highly addictive. It contains a mix of acetaminophen and oxycodone, making it an opioid.

Prince was consuming painkillers for a problem on his hip. He went through a corrective surgery for his hips around 2010.

Earlier, cops had raided Prince’s personal pharmacy in Minnesota, the one he visited four times before his death.

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They were trying to track down prescription records. According to news reports, a search warrant was acquired by authorities to sift through the singer’s Paisley Park mansion for additional evidence.

The most unfortunate report was in police records. It showed that there were two other medical emergencies that occurred at the musician’s home in the past nine months.

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