The Duke of Cambridge Prince William has agreed to give an interview for a gay magazine “Attitude.” He will be the first member of the royal family to participate publicly in a campaign intended towards the gay community.

The prince announced on Tuesday that his interview in the monthly lifestyle magazine “Attitude” will be published on June 22, Wednesday. He also specified that his interview will focus on his battle against the bullying of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. Earlier, the magazine featured Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Barlow on its cover page. However, no details about the nature of the appearance of the duke have yet been revealed. “We will have some exciting announcements to share soon,” Attitude Managing Director Mike Buckley.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that no member of the royal family ever agreed to participate in any interview focusing on the gay community. Even Princess Diana who represented the community never took any such move. The prince said that one of the main causes behind his agreement to the interview for the magazine is his campaign against bullying the youth.

Australian Women’s Weekly reported that the prince made the revelation about his engagement with the magazine while he and Duchess Catherine signed a book of condolences for those who have been affected by the deadly Orlando shooting massacre. The step taken by Prince William has been praised by the community regulators. “What it shows is why it’s important – because there has not been that many times when the LGBT community has been mentioned or highlighted by the royal family – with it being a younger heir to the throne who is understanding of diverse communities,” an LGBT Foundation spokesman said.

“The fact that he has agreed to be in Attitude and signing books of condolences for the Orlando massacre shows the importance of reaching out to the LGBT community.”