Time flies so fast when you’re a royal prince! Prince George, the first born of Prince William and Princess Kate just turned 3 yesterday. From jetting across the world to hobnobbing with the world’s most powerful figures, the little prince is certainly living the life. Here are the top 5 moments in the life of the young and adorable royal.

His First Birthday with a Two-Year Old Cake

You’d think the royals would have more than enough money to get all the best cakes and pastries for Prince George’s birthday? However, his christening at St. James’ Palace had guests tasting whether a two-year old slice of a cake can stand the test of time. Apparently it can.

His First Marriage Proposal

When you’re a royal prince, it’s not that long before someone proposes to you. 11-month old Ruby Cate Blitz exactly knew what to do. Or at least her parents knew. Dressing up the energetic baby girl in a white shirt with a “Marry Me George” print and a white tutu, she was more than ready to head down the aisle crawling.

His Meeting with President Obama

When you’re almost three, the chances you get to greet President Obama in your bathrobe and slippers is almost close to nonexistent. But not Prince George who was decked out in his most comfortable attire getting ready for bed. He also gets a pass at embarrassing Prince Harry for not being his gregarious self in front of one of the most powerful men on earth.

His First Feature in a Book

Features in magazines come naturally when you’re a royal but when you get a first feature in a children’s book especially a classic, now that’s incredibly special. Since Winnie-the-Pooh and the Queen share the same birthday, the royal prince gets a cameo in his signature ensemble featuring a pair of blue shorts, the NY Mag reports.

His First Air Tattoo Experience

Before you go crazy, this is not the tattoo experience wherein the little prince gets inked but the Royal International Air Tattoo. It’s the largest military airshow and the little prince who loves aeroplanes got the chance to try sitting in one of the aircraft just weeks before his birthday.

Now, how is that for a birthday treat?