Despite avoiding media attention, Prince of Wales Charles and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker-Bowles have once again been spotted together in a political or royal engagement.

As per reports, the duo always avoids making public appearances because the media focuses less on their dress and statements while more on what they eat and if it stinks. It has been revealed that the couple opts for British food items and avoids consumption of garlic and spicy food so that they don’t stink while attending royal events or other important affairs.

Food critic Tom Parker-Bowles said that the couple does not take in cuisine comprising garlic, onion, chili, etc. He said that deciding suitable cuisine for them was difficult for him as his list of special dished included “endless spices.” “As she [the Duchess] has got older, garlic and chilies are especially a no-no. You can’t go stinking of garlic when you are shaking hands the next day,” Parker-Bowles said at Henley Literary Festival. “I usually wouldn’t cook… most my food has chili in it or endless spices and no, no I wouldn’t do it.”

The couple has its own dietary rules to follow which, according to The Celeb Dirty Laundry, becomes anti-social sometimes. But rumors are still rumors. The royal family speculations are spread like wildfire and the same has happened to Prince Charles and Camilla. Though they have boycotted smelly consumption, they still continue to have a stinky reputation.

The couple avoids public appearances to make sure there are no complaints regarding their peculiar eating habits. Garlic, onions, etc. are some of the smelly ingredients that are considered to produce bad breath. On the other hand, chilies are avoided as they cause sweating. In a public meeting or royal engagement, none of these effects are considerable when someone from a reputable background attends it.

The couple never wants to become the next laughing stock of the family and hence is following some strict rules.