Pretty Little Liars Season 7 has begun production on April 8, as confirmed by Freeform. There are a multitude of things to look forward to in Season 7, which include Troian Bellisario’s directorial debut.

Troian Bellisario, who plays ambitious and driven Spencer in Pretty Little Liars, is set to direct episode 15 of Season 7. “I actually just found out I’m going to direct an episode in Season 7,” Bellisario told Pretty Little Liars. “I’m super excited!

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Much like her character, Spencer, the 30-year-old actress is known to possess many talents. In the last six years, she was able to produce two films, write her first screenplay, and appear in other acting projects outside Pretty Little Liars. However, there’s one thing Troian Bellisario is worried about when it comes to directing an episode of the show.

“I’m terrified of the girls. I told them to be nice to me,” she joked. “But I think they’re all going to be very well-behaved and awesome. Aside from directing 715, Troian Bellisario promised that she will still get ample screen time as Spencer.

“In this upcoming season, the Liars will band together to unearth answers to the last remaining secrets and take down ‘Uber A’ for good in the most romantic season of PLL yet,” Freeform stated. While fans rejoice the certainty of a seventh season, there’s still much talk about whether all the girls will be back for season 8.

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In a previous interview, Troian Bellisario said, “I think, in my mind, I’m very happy with the resolution of season 7, and I think that a lot of people are. And it’s the beginning of the end.”

“I’ve always felt that continuing something just for the sake of continuing it when you’ve already reached the climax,” she added, as quoted by Fashion & Style. For Bellisario, stretching out the story would not be healthy for the characters as well.

Freeform has announced that Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will premiere with a “supersized episode” on June 21.