The ABC teen thriller drama “Pretty Little Liars” is coming up with its seventh season on Tuesday, June 21. If spoilers are to be believed, the Season 7 has a lot to deliver to the viewers. A 30-seconds teaser of this summer premiere, was released on Sunday night (On show’s official Twitter account).  As expected the short clip hinted a lot about the approaching thriller-pack drama that majorly revolves around the race to save Hanna.

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The clip shows Alison is still confined to a mental hospital. Mary teases, “Many families have secrets. Sometimes those secrets are actual people.” However, most notably, it’s Hanna’s potential fate that is freak-out-worthy here.

Here’s where we’re heading to via MTV news: The remaining Liars, and those adjacent to the madness,  only have 24 hours to rescue Hanna from A.D. (a.k.a. Uber A) before the enigmatic villain pulls the plug on the entire search and rescue mission. They get an ominous text from A.D. that says “The bell tolls for Hanna.” And that’s when they all spot up someone at the church tower belfry. It is a hanging body of a girl from the rafters. Much to our surprise the girl somewhat resembles Hanna with long, blond hair.

Watch Here:

Is it going to be Hanna? Are we guessing it wrong? Is it someone else? This is so, as it wouldn’t be the first instance when a character has worn a blonde wig to pull a red herring. Nevertheless, the thing that in true sense caused concern among us is the serious the Liars are digging in the Season 7 promo. What the Liars did this time around? And it is even more crucial, why is Emily is seen crying, “There has to be another way?”

Would they take her life, though?

Perhaps the fans wouldn’t be happy to see so?  Well, to get the real picture, we have to wait till  June 21.