It’s the season of finales and we have all the details for the last episode of “Pretty Little Liars” season 6 finale from the show’s creator.

Ahead of the March 15 finale, “Pretty Little Liars” creator Marlene King revealed some juicy details regarding the finale including teasing the fans that the last episode for this season is “worth the wait” for Ezria and Spoby shippers.

An eager fan asked King on Twitter, “Please tell fans something about Spoby in the finale. Is there hope for them?” The creator responded, “Spoby fans should watch next Tuesday. LIVE babies.”

Now fans including website Hollywood Life are speculating if Toby will dump Yvonne or if Spencer will break up with Caled. It is worth noting that when the show jumped five years forward, Spencer and Toby were NOT together. Toby got engaged to Yvonne, but we’ve seen how Spoby looks at each other. We recently learned that Spencer suffered a pregnancy scare at Georgetown, and the resulting drama may have been why Spoby split up.

With regards to Ezria, another fan also said that she would really be upset if the finale won’t have the much awaited Ezra and Aria moment since they haven’t kissed in “almost two years.” The showrunner responded and said, “You better be watching on Tuesday. Worth the wait. @SleepntheHrding #PrettyLittleLiars #Ezria.”

TVLine also revealed an exclusive first look at the finale and it finds Hanna in close quarters with a certain ex-boyfriend.

The finale also shows that it’s not yet too late for Haleb as it is reported that the show’s main (yet currently defunct) couples are reported to have a special moment during the final hour of season 6. The former flames will reunite to solve a common enemy.

Aside from former flames reuniting, the most anticipated part of the finale will be unveiling the show’s secret twin, a twist King refers as the “biggest reveal of all.”

On March 12, King tweeted, “next Tuesday is the beginning of the end. Buckle up, bitches. It’s the ride of your life. #TwinOnPLL #PrettyLittleLiars #FianleFever.” Marlene just dropped another clue! Finale is spelled wrong! Who else notices Ian’s name? It’s there! This theory is so real!

Fans can catch the finale in Hulu or Freeform on March 15.